Lemnos among the destinations chosen by digital nomads

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Digital nomads are workers who use modern technology to work remotely.

The most positive point is that a digital nomad is multi-location independent.

Some of the benefits of living a digital nomad life, apart from being able to work from anywhere in the world, is that you can adjust your life as you want and meet people from all over the world (if you decide to travel while working). You won’t be bothered by traffic jams and you can be inspired by new surroundings every day.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, there has been a rapidly emerging trend for remote working.

Many of the workers who had to work remotely chose to live in other regions, in other cities or even in other countries.

Lemnos with its size as an island, the possibilities to carry out many daily activities such as KiteSurf, gastronomy etc. is the ideal destination for someone who wishes to work remotely, it is already being chosen at an ever-increasing rate.

What are the characteristics of Digital Nomads?
■ The majority work in a field related to technology, programming, e-commerce and marketing.
■ Most are between 25-44 years old.
■ As the main advantages of Greece, they evaluate the favorable climate, lifestyle, gastronomy, activities in nature, culture, as well as our comparative advantage, which is none other than the human element, hospitality and human contact with the locals.

How is the property market affected?

Real estate is very much a demand driven business. As people moved from offices to homes, the demand for commercial buildings decreased.

Also, people are looking more to live in the suburbs or closer to nature, especially since they no longer have to commute for work.

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