Nationwide research by RE/MAX Greece on the profile of properties based on square footage chosen by buyers in 2021

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The gradual “shift” of interested real estate buyers to larger residences, compared to previous years when they chose fewer square meters, is recorded by the annual survey of RE/MAXGreece, essentially confirming the international trend prevailing in recent years of young couples who decide to live in privately owned property, but also those who wish to invest in more comfortable homes to serve their daily needs, to choose homes over 75 square meters.

Interest in multi-square-foot homes has been around for four years, and last year – in the midst of a pandemic – noticeably intensified even more, with homes over 100 square meters winning the largest share of the pie in terms of property sales based on the total surface.

In particular, as shown by the sales data carried out in 2021 nationwide by the country’s largest real estate network, RE/MAXHellas, which consists of 76 offices and almost 1000 real estate consultants, the highest demand was shown by residences with an area of ​​101 to 150 sq.m. m. as for every 100 purchases and sales, 26 concerned the specific square meters, while the buying interest for properties up to 76 to 100 sq.m. was significant. (21%). Essentially, if you add these two percentages together, you will find that approximately 1 in 2 interested buyers chooses a residence with two bedrooms or more.

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